The Top and the Art of Topping

The Devil is in the Details

What is a bottom looking for in a Top? Why do bottoms complain that there is a shortage of good Tops? It is a rare bottom who will bemoan the fact that they can’t find a Top who will flog them like so, use needles like so, or tie them up like so. Instead they talk about the characteristics of the Tops themselves. It is the flavor of the Top, not the specific skills, that is the main drawing power – and the glue that holds all the Top’s talents together.

Drawing on a theatre background and her experience in D/s River looks at the many verbal and non-verbal ways that a Top can present/create/re-create her/himself. Archetypes, voice, body language, basic NLP patterning, pacing, and scene construction are some of the things that will be explored.

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