The Makings of a Little Black Book

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things:

Are there times when you feel like you have used up all the nasty tricks in your toy bag? Your mind has gone blank and you wish you had a cheat sheet? Or you have been playing for years, have done it all, and now seem to have forgotten half of it. Maybe you are new to the scene and just want to get some good ideas. This is not a “how to” workshop, but a “have you thought of” workshop, or a “do you remember” workshop.

First River will cover a wide range of nasty things one can do, as well as scene ideas. Then she will open the floor to the workshop participants. Come with any nasty niceties you would like to share ““ support fellow Tops in crating memorable experiences with those they play with ““ and leave with a longer list of sick perverted things you can do to your bottom.

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