Hi River, Thank you so much for your class The Care and Feeding of Your Top. Your class made my weekend; it was so inspirational, informative and extremely educational.

I was able to learn how to change my behavior so I can create the kind of healthy D/s relationship that I want with my partner. Your class gave me tools and ideas on how to support my Top and I was able to implement those ideas right away. The difference in our scenes from the Friday night party to the Saturday night party was huge! While our scene on Friday was amazing and wonderful, our scene on Saturday was epic for us.

Thank you for sharing your insight, wisdom and wit. I greatly appreciated your class and it had a hugely positive impact on my D/s relationship. I have learned so much and am so thankful!

You know I have to say, you are one of the best presenters (kink or otherwise), you draw in your attendees and keep them entranced, and more than one has pouted when it has finished. Thanks so much for coming, you just rock.

Your workshops are super-awesome !

Thx for coming our way River”¦your workshops are amazing and funny too!

I cannot begin to tell you the value of your “Care and Feeding of the Top” workshop had for me”“as a top.

It was great to see you present and I would recommend seeing you to anyone, top or bottom. That chainsaw scene still gives me goose bumps.

River, I loved your class and was so mad I missed your first”¦.next time I will catch all your classes. Thanks for making (the conference) good.

Dear River, I just want to extend a thank-you for your workshops. They were a highlight of the trip.

I just wanted to say thanks for both of your workshops I attended, just fabulous. I really enjoy your presentation, and always chalk-full of information. I have seen you also at Mayhem 09? and Sagacity Birthday Bash (I am a member) last fall.

Hello River! I’ve been to a few of your workshops”¦I felt they were very well presented and I’m looking forward to attending one in Nov at Birthday Bash.

River_Dark, you are not the every day presenter, but of an exceptional quality, that many can learn from. Thank you. I especially enjoyed your sense of humor, and watching you play with your bottom at (the conference) was a memorable treat too!

Hi River – Well I have to say we put on one fantastic workshop!! I have received a lot of positive feedback and your praises are being sung on Fetlife by many people 🙂

I took your workshop on fear and was really impressed with your style and knowledge. I also enjoyed watching you in the dungeon very much.

I really enjoyed your workshops, even the scary parts (hee hee).