I have been presenting in Canada and the US since 2005.

While some of my workshops teach physical skills, I am most interested in the mind as the seat of power, so many of my workshops explore the psychological aspects of play. As a presenter I gather my information from my experiences both bottoming and Topping, as well as from the people in my life, the scene I have been exposed to, and the many workshops I have attended over the years. A great deal of research goes into each of my workshop to create an engaging, fact-filled and thought-provoking experience.

It is my intention that every workshop brings something new to each participant, no matter what their level of experience is whether it be a new way of looking at play or simply a creative idea that they have never heard before. It is my goal for every workshop to be dense with information, supportive of the participants and fun to attend.

Here a few of the testimonials I’ve received about my workshops.

A List of Workshops I Offer: